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Scientists study under-appreciated fish with special tag

PNNL is studying the movement of lamprey fish, which are culturally and historically important to the Pacific Northwest, on rivers and through hydroelectric dams.

News Brief
A new view of tropical forest emissions

Emissions of isoprene, a compound from plant matter that wields great influence in the atmosphere, are up to three times higher in the Amazon rainforest than scientists have thought.

News Brief
Scientists focus on 'guardian of the genome' to understand preterm births

Scientists have gotten a better look at the effects of a gene known as the "guardian of the genome" in causing premature births and miscarriages.

News Brief
Fungal find offers new gateway into bioenergy research

A genetic modification in fungi is more common than has been thought, offering scientists a new tool as they explore the use of fungi to convert biomass to fuels, chemicals and enzymes.

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Mount St. Helens eruption prompted trove of PNNL research

The May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens clouded the Pacific Northwest prompted a trove of research for some PNNL scientists.

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PNNL scientists honored for their role in fight against Ebola

Several PNNL scientists were recognized recently for their role helping to stem the Ebola epidemic in West Africa two years ago.

News Brief
Self-assembly forces in crystals

Forces push and pull on tiny particles as they assemble themselves into larger crystals.

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PNNL researcher honored by two organizations

Antonino Tumeo, a computational science researcher at PNNL, has been elevated to the rank of senior member in two professional societies.

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Scientists take to the skies over Azores to gather cloud data

Clouds in the eastern North Atlantic region will come under scrutiny from a bevy of airplane-based instruments this summer as scientists analyze the physical and chemical properties of clouds and aerosols.

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