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Breakthroughs is no longer in publication. Please enjoy Breakthroughs archived issues featuring science and technology conducted at PNNL.

Breakthroughs Spring 2007 cover

Spring 2007

Scientific Discovery
Flash Version | HTML | PDF 1.7MB

Breakthroughs Winter 2007 cover

Winter 2007

Environmental Renaissance
Flash Version | HTML | PDF 1.7MB

Breakthroughs Fall 2006 cover

Fall 2006

Creative Energy - PNNL researchers are generating real-world solutions to a global problem
Flash Version | HTML | PDF 2.38MB

Breakthroughs Summer 2006 cover

Summer 2006

Commercial Partnerships - Working with a National Laboratory
Flash Version | HTML | PDF 2.03MB

Breakthroughs Fall 2005 cover

Fall 2005

Computational Science - Behind Innovation & Discovery

Breakthroughs Summer 2005 cover

Summer 2005

Climate Research - from Science to Society

Breakthroughs Winter 2005 cover

Winter 2005

Celebrating 40 Years of Science & Discovery

Breakthroughs Fall 2004 cover

Fall 2004

Nonproliferation in an evolving world

Breakthroughs Summer 2004 cover

Spring/Summer 2004

Advanced Nanoscale Materials - Putting Science at Your Fingertips

Breakthroughs Winter 2004 cover

Winter 2004

Rising to the Challenge - PNNL supports national science agenda
PDF 2.43MB

Breakthroughs Fall 2003 cover

Fall 2003

Science and technology on the front lines

Breakthroughs Summer 2003 cover

Summer 2003

Solutions from the deep
PDF 6.48MB

Breakthroughs Winter 2003 cover

Winter/Spring 2003

EMSL: The first five years and a blueprint for the future
PDF 7.75MB

Breakthroughs Fall 2002 cover

Fall 2002

The road to new transportation technologies
PDF 6.75MB

Breakthroughs Summer 2002 cover

Summer 2002

Systems biology and the circuits of life
PDF 6.71MB

Breakthroughs Winter/Spring 2002 cover

Winter/Spring 2002

Protecting Freedom
PDF 7.33MB

Breakthroughs Fall 2001 cover

Fall 2001

Powerful grid of the future
PDF 6.43MB

Breakthroughs Summer 2001 cover

Spring/Summer 2001

Getting a grip on global issues
PDF 6.56MB

Breakthroughs Winter 2001 cover

Winter 2000-2001

Spotlight on nanotechnology

Breakthroughs Fall 2000 cover

Fall 2000

Sensor fish make a splash

Breakthroughs Spring 2000 cover

Spring 2000

Keeping the lights on
PDF 8.56MB

Breakthroughs Winter 1999-2000 cover

Winter 1999-2000

Cultivating future technologies

Breakthroughs Fall 1999 cover

Fall 1999

Trash to treasure
PDF 5.88MB

Breakthroughs Spring 1999 cover

Spring 1999

Closed Cities
PDF 5.61MB

Breakthroughs Summer 1998 cover

Summer 1998

A diamond in the desert

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