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TechMagination - A Day for Developing a Clean Technology Agenda

Who Should Attend TechMagination

TechMagination was planned with the region's clean technology leaders and stakeholders in mind with the goal of stimulating dialog and ideas for demonstrating and developing clean technologies right here in the Pacific Northwest. The workshop is expected to attract an exciting cross section of business, government, academic and research, and service organizations—all with the same interests and questions on their minds:

  • How can we minimize waste streams?
  • How can we reduce our energy consumption?
  • Are there other beneficial uses for waste?
  • What technologies are available or need to be developed?

The workshop agenda was prepared with several objectives in mind. We want to bring together the region's best and brightest from every potential stakeholder group and inspire them to think big—and practically—about the future of clean technology business here in our back yard. To that end, the agenda is organized into three sections:

  • a kick-off keynote speaker who with his experience will inspire the group to think big
  • a panel of representatives from industrial sectors to begin the discussion of the realities and issues as well as their perspective for what's coming (led by a facilitator)
  • an afternoon breakout session to draw out ideas and potential paths toward our common goals. The breakout groups are organized into five general categories: Agriculture/Vineyards, Clean Energy, Environmental Services, Food Processing/Wineries, and Chemical Processing & Manufacturing. The day will close with presentations of the ideas/action from each breakout group.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is committed to facilitating a workshop that results in tangible outcomes for stakeholders.

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Event Details

August 28, 2007
8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Shilo Inn
Richland, WA

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