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F Blaine Metting

Office of the Deputy ALD
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K9-80
Richland, WA 99352


Dr. Blaine Metting manages the Fundamental Biological & Environmental Sciences Project Management Office and the Commercial & Evolving Market Sector. In these roles, he shares responsibility for program and business development and project oversight in systems biology and biotechnology, biomedical research and environmental sciences. Since joining the Laboratory, Dr. Metting has coordinated internal discretionary research and development programs in microbial biotechnology, molecular biology, and environmental sciences. He has participated in developing programs in bio-based products and carbon management while also assisting the Office of Science at DOE in building national research programs in bioremediation, carbon management and post-genome biology.

Dr. Metting joined PNNL in 1990 as a Senior Research Scientist and has been a Program Manager since 1993. Prior to joining PNNL, he was co-founder and research and development director for a microbial biotechnology company that received support from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Energy. He is active in the U.S. Biotechnology Industry Organization, the Washington State Biotechnology & Biomedical Association and currently represents Battelle on the Board of the Oregon Bioscience Association.

Research Interests

  • Microbial biotechnology
  • Molecular biology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Carbon sequestration

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. Botany, Washington State University
  • M.S. Botany, Washington State University
  • B.A. Liberal Arts, Whitman College
  • M.B.A. coursework, University of Washington

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Phycological Society of America
  • Society for Industrial Microbiology
  • Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society

Awards and Recognitions

  • Department of Agriculture Small Business Innovation Research Award
  • Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research Award
  • National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Award
  • Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid
  • Solar Energy Research Institute Contract
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Student Research Grant
  • European Desert Reclamation Foundation Research Award (with University of Bergen, Norway)

PNNL Publications


  • Garten, Jr CT, DJ Brice, HF Castro, RL Graham, MA Mayes, JR Phillips, WM Post, CW Schadt, SD Wullschleger, DD Tyler, PM Jardine, JD Jastrow, R Matamala, RM Miller, KK Moran, T Vugteveen, RC Izaurralde, AM Thomson, TO West, JE Amonette, VL Bailey, FB Metting, and JL Smith. 2011. "Response of "Alamo" switchgrass tissue chemistry and biomass to nitrogen fertilization in west Tennessee, USA." Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 140(1-2):289-297.  doi:10.1016/j.agee.2010.12.016


  • Huesemann MH, G Roesijadi, J Benemann, and FB Metting. 2010. "Biofuels from Microalgae and Seaweeds." Chapter 8 in Biomass to Biofuels: Strategies for Global Industries, ed. A Vertex, N Qureshi, H Yukawa, HP Blaschek, pp. 165-184.  John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, New York, NY. 


  • Post WM, JE Amonette, RA Birdsey, CT Garten, Jr, RC Izaurralde, PM Jardine, JD Jastrow, R Lal, G Marland , BA McCarl, AM Thomson, TO West, SD Wullschleger, and FB Metting. 2009. "Terrestrial Biological Carbon Sequestration: Science for Enhancement and Implementation." Chapter Section 2:1 in Carbon Sequestration and Its Role in the Global Carbon Cycle, vol. 183, ed. Brian J. McPherson and Eric T. Sundquist, pp. 73-88.  American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC. 


  • Metting FB, MJ Scott, J Benemann, E Greenbaum, M Seibert, AM Spormann, H Yukawa, and J Houghton. 2003. "Microbial and Enzyme Biotechnology: 21st Century Opportunities for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation." In Applications of Biotechnilogy to Mitigation of Greenhouse Warming, Proceedings of the St. Michaels II Workshop, ed. Norman J. Rosenberg, F. Blaine Metting, R. Cesar Izaurralde, pp. 115-136.  Battelle Press, Columbus, OH. 


  • Dahlman RC, GK Jacobs, D Breshears, and FB Metting. 2002. "What is the Potential for Carbon Sequestration by the Terrestrial Biosphere?" In Proceedings of the First National Conference on Carbon Sequestration.  National Energy Technology Laboratory, Morgantown, WV. 


  • Scott MJ, FB Metting, JS Fruchter, and RE Wildung. 1998. "Research Investment Pays Off." Soil & groundwater cleanup (October):6-13. 

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