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Odeta Qafoku

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K8-96
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • Felmy AR, O Qafoku, BW Arey, L Kovarik, J Liu, DE Perea, and ES Ilton. 2015. "Enhancing Magnesite Formation at Low Temperature and High CO2 Pressure: The Impact of Seed Crystals and Minor Components." Chemical Geology 395:119-125.  doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2014.12.003
  • Loring JS, J Chen, P Benezeth Ep Gisquet, O Qafoku, ES Ilton, NM Washton, CJ Thompson, PF Martin, BP McGrail, KM Rosso, AR Felmy, and HT Schaef. 2015. "Evidence for Carbonate Surface Complexation during Forsterite Carbonation in Wet Supercritical Carbon Dioxide." Langmuir 31(27):7533-7543.  doi:10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b01052
  • Xu M, ES Ilton, MH Engelhard, O Qafoku, AR Felmy, KM Rosso, and SN Kerisit. 2015. "Heterogeneous growth of cadmium and cobalt carbonate phases at the (1014) calcite surface." Chemical Geology 397:24-36.  doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2015.01.003


  • Pearce CI, J Liu, DR Baer, O Qafoku, SM Heald, E Arenholz, AE Grosz, JP McKinley, CT Resch, ME Bowden, MH Engelhard, and KM Rosso. 2014. "Characterization of natural titanomagnetites (Fe3-xTixO4) for studying heterogeneous electron transfer to Tc(VII) in the Hanford subsurface." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 128:114-127.  doi:10.1016/j.gca.2013.12.010
  • Qafoku O, JZ Hu, NJ Hess, MY Hu, ES Ilton, J Feng, BW Arey, and AR Felmy. 2014. "Formation of Submicron Magnesite during Reaction of Natural Forsterite in H2O-Saturated Supercritical CO2." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 134:197-209.  doi:10.1016/j.gca.2013.09.024


  • Arey BW, L Kovarik, O Qafoku, Z Wang, NJ Hess, and AR Felmy. 2013. "Identification of Fragile Microscopic Structures during Mineral Transformations in Wet Supercritical CO2." Microscopy and Microanalysis 19(2):268-275.  doi:10.1017/S1431927612014171
  • Rother G, ES Ilton, D Wallacher, T Hauss, HT Schaef, O Qafoku, KM Rosso, AR Felmy, E Krukowski, AG Stack, N Grimm, and RJ Bodnar. 2013. "CO2 Sorption to Subsingle Hydration Layer Montmorillonite Clay Studied by Excess Sorption and Neutron Diffraction Measurements." Environmental Science & Technology 47(1):205-211.  doi:10.1021/es301382y
  • Shao H, CJ Thompson, O Qafoku, and KJ Cantrell. 2013. "In Situ Spectrophotometric Determination of pH under Geologic CO2 Sequestration Conditions: Method Development and Application." Environmental Science & Technology 47(1):63-70.  doi:10.1021/es3016793


  • Amonette JE, PM Jeffers, O Qafoku, CK Russell, DR Humphrys, TW Wietsma, and MJ Truex. 2012. Abiotic degradation rates for carbon tetrachloride and chloroform: Final report. PNNL-22062; RPT-DVZ-AFRI-012, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
  • Felmy AR, DA Moore, CI Pearce, SD Conradson, O Qafoku, EC Buck, KM Rosso, and ES Ilton. 2012. "Controls on Soluble Pu Concentrations in PuO2/Magnetite Suspensions." Environmental Science & Technology 46(21):11610-11617.  doi:10.1021/es3028956
  • Felmy AR, O Qafoku, BW Arey, JZ Hu, MY Hu, HT Schaef, ES Ilton, NJ Hess, CI Pearce, J Feng, and KM Rosso. 2012. "Reaction of Water-Saturated Supercritical CO2 with Forsterite: Evidence for Magnesite Formation at Low Temperatures." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 91:271-282.  doi:10.1016/j.gca.2012.05.026
  • Ilton ES, HT Schaef, O Qafoku, KM Rosso, and AR Felmy. 2012. "In Situ X-Ray Diffraction Study of Na+ Saturated Montmorillonite Exposed to Variably Wet Super Critical CO2." Environmental Science & Technology 46(7):4241-4248.  doi:10.1021/es300234v
  • Ilton ES, Z Wang, JF Boily, O Qafoku, KM Rosso, and SC Smith. 2012. "The Effect of pH and Time on the Extractability and Speciation of Uranium(VI) Sorbed to SiO2." Environmental Science & Technology 46(12):6604-6611.  doi:10.1021/es300501v
  • Liu J, CI Pearce, O Qafoku, E Arenholz, SM Heald, and KM Rosso. 2012. "Tc(VII) Reduction Kinetics by Titanomagnetite (Fe3-xTixO4) Nanoparticles." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 92:67-81.  doi:10.1016/j.gca.2012.06.004
  • Loring JS, HT Schaef, RVF Turcu, CJ Thompson, QRS Miller, PF Martin, JZ Hu, DW Hoyt, O Qafoku, ES Ilton, AR Felmy, and KM Rosso. 2012. "In Situ Molecular Spectroscopic Evidence for CO2 Intercalation into Montmorillonite in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide." Langmuir 28(18):7125-7128.  doi:10.1021/la301136w
  • Pearce CI, O Qafoku, J Liu, E Arenholz, SM Heald, RK Kukkadapu, CA Gorski, CMB Henderson, and KM Rosso. 2012. "Synthesis and properties of titanomagnetite (Fe3-xTixO4) nanoparticles: A tunable solid-state Fe(II/III) redox system." Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 387(1):24-38.  doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2012.06.092
  • Qafoku O, L Kovarik, RK Kukkadapu, ES Ilton, BW Arey, J Tucek, and AR Felmy. 2012. "Fayalite Dissolution and Siderite Formation in Water-Saturated Supercritical CO2." Chemical Geology 332-333:124-135.  doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2012.09.028
  • Schaef HT, ES Ilton, O Qafoku, PF Martin, AR Felmy, and KM Rosso. 2012. "In situ XRD Study of Ca2+ Saturated Montmorillonite (STX-1) Exposed to Anhydrous and Wet Supercritical Carbon Dioxide." International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 6(1):220-229.  doi:10.1016/j.ijggc.2011.11.001


  • Felmy AR, DA Moore, KM Rosso, O Qafoku, D Rai, EC Buck, and ES Ilton. 2011. "Heterogeneous Reduction of PuO2 with Fe(II): Importance of the Fe(III) Reaction Product." Environmental Science & Technology 45(9):3952-3958. 




  • Amonette JE, PM Jeffers, O Qafoku, CK Russell, TW Wietsma, and MJ Truex. 2008. Abiotic Degradation Rates for Carbon Tetrachloride: and Chloroform: Progress in FY 2008PNNL-18020, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
  • Hess NJ, O Qafoku, Y Xia, DA Moore, and AR Felmy. 2008. "Thermodynamic Model for Solubility of TcO2·xH2O in Aqueous Oxalate System." Journal of Solution Chemistry 37(11):1471-1487.  doi:10.1007/s10953-008-9328-5


  • Boily JF, O Qafoku, and AR Felmy. 2007. "A Potentiometric, Spectrophotometric and Pitzer Ion-Interaction Study of Reaction Equilibria in the Aqueous H+-Al3+, H+-Oxalate and H+-Al3+-Oxalate Systems up to 5 mol*dm-3 NaCl ." Journal of Solution Chemistry 36(11-12):1727-1743.  doi:10.1007/s10953-007-9203-9
  • Qafoku N, O Qafoku, CC Ainsworth, A Dohnalkova, and SG McKinley. 2007. "Fe-Solid Phase Transformations Under Highly Basic Conditions." Applied Geochemistry 22(9):2054-2064.  doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2007.04.023
  • Qafoku O, and AR Felmy. 2007. "Development of Accurate Chemical Equilibrium Models for Oxalate Species to High Ionic Strength in the System: Na-Ba-Ca-Mn-Sr-Cl-NO3-PO4-SO4-H2O at 25°C." Journal of Solution Chemistry 36(1):81-95. 


  • Deng Y, M Flury, JB Harsh, AR Felmy, and O Qafoku. 2006. "Cancrinite and Sodalite Formation in the Presence of Cesium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Strontium in Hanford Tank Waste Simulants." Applied Geochemistry 21(12):2049-2063. 


  • Felmy AR, MJ Mason, O Qafoku, and DA Dixon. 2005. "Development of Accurate Chemical Equilibrium Models for the Hanford Waste Tanks: The System Na-Ca-Sr-OH-CO3-NO3-EDTA-HEDTA-H2O from 25 to 75°C." In ACS Symposium Series, vol. 904, pp. 251-281.  American Chemical Society, Washington, DC. 
  • Qafoku N, JM Zachara, C Liu, PL Gassman, O Qafoku, and SC Smith. 2005. "Kinetic Desorption and Sorption of U(VI) During Reactive Transport in a Contaminated Hanford Sediment." Environmental Science and Technology 39(9):3157-3165.  doi:10.1021/es048462q
  • Wang Z, AR Felmy, Y Xia, O Qafoku, W Yantasee, and HM Cho. 2005. "Complexation of Cm(III)/Eu(III) with Silicate in Basic Solutions." Radiochimica Acta 93(12):741-748. 
  • Wang Z, JM Zachara, PL Gassman, C Liu, O Qafoku, W Yantasee, and JG Catalano. 2005. "Fluorescence Spectroscopy of U(VI)-Silicates and U(VI)-Contaminated Hanford Sediment." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 69(6):1391-1403.  doi:10.1016/j.gca.2004.08.028


  • Felmy AR, and O Qafoku. 2004. "An Aqueous Thermodynamic Model for the Complexation of Nickel with EDTA Valid to high Base Concentration." Journal of Solution Chemistry 33(9):1161-1180.  doi:10.1023/B:JOSL.0000048051.48779.0c
  • Liu C, JM Zachara, O Qafoku, JP McKinley, SM Heald, and Z Wang. 2004. "Dissolution of Uranyl Microprecipitates from Subsurface Sediments at Hanford Site, USA." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68(22):4519-4537. 
  • Qafoku N, CC Ainsworth, JE Szecsody, and O Qafoku. 2004. "Transport-controlled kinetics of dissolution and precipitation in the sediments under alkaline and saline conditions ." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68(14):2981-2995. 
  • Zachara JM, CC Ainsworth, GE Brown, JR, JG Catalano, JP McKinley, O Qafoku, SC Smith, JE Szecsody, SJ Traina, and JA Warner. 2004. "Chromium Speciation and Mobility in a High Level Nuclear Waste Vadose Zone Plume." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68(1):13-30. 


  • Felmy AR, MJ Mason, and O Qafoku. 2003. "An Aqueous Thermodynamic Model for the Complexation of Sodium and Strontium with Organic Chelators valid to High Ionic Strength. II. N-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenedinitrilotriacetic acid (HEDTA)." Journal of Solution Chemistry 32(4):301-318. 
  • Liu C, JM Zachara, O Qafoku, and SC Smith. 2003. "Effect of Temperature on Cs+ Sorption and Desorption in Subsurface Sediments at Hanford Site, U.S.A." Environmental Science and Technology 37(12):2640-2645. 
  • Qafoku N, CC Ainsworth, JE Szecsody, O Qafoku, and SM Heald. 2003. "Effect of Coupled Dissolution and Redox Reactions on Cr(VI)(aq) Attenuation during Transport in the Sediments under Hyperalkaline Conditions." Environmental Science and Technology 37(16):3640-3646. 
  • Qafoku N, CC Ainsworth, JE Szecsody, and O Qafoku. 2003. "Aluminum Effect on Dissolution and Precipitation under Hyperalkaline Conditions: I. Liquid Phase Transformations." Journal of Environmental Quality 32(6):2354-2369. 
  • Qafoku N, CC Ainsworth, JE Szecsody, DL Bish, JS Young, DE McCready, and O Qafoku. 2003. "Aluminum Effect on Dissolution and Precipitation under Hyperalkaline Conditions: II. solid Phase Transformations." Journal of Environmental Quality 32(6):2364-2372. 

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