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We are attaining a molecular-level understanding of complex multi-phase systems and phenomena vital to the nation's energy and environmental resources.

Zdenek Dohnalek

Zdenek Dohnalek Named AVS Fellow

Zdenek Dohnálek is the deputy director of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis and a well-known catalysis expert, focusing on enhancing reactions that enable renewable energy. He recently garnered the prestigious honor of AVS Fellow.

STEM method for reaction gases.

Charting the Path for Catalyst Imaging

Catalysts are vital to reactions involved in everything from the plastic casing around your phone to the fuel in your car. Creating faster, more efficient catalysts to reduce costs and wastes requires clear and detailed observations of catalysts when reaction gases are introduced to STEM imaging. Yuanyuan Zhu and Nigel D. Browning demonstrated how to effectively image catalysts within the STEM method.

Uranium MOF imaging

A Duet of Firsts: Imaging Chemical Building Blocks

Using low-dose electron microscopy, PNNL scientists were able to image metallic-organic frameworks (MOFs) down to the atomic level. Previous methods for MOF imaging damaged/destroyed the sample or were misleading due to modeling constraints. The low-dose imaging method demonstrated that low-dose imaging was a viable alternative to previous methods and would preserve the sample being measured.

Grant Johnson and Patrick El-Khoury

Emerging Investigators Showcase Chemical Research in Prestigious Journal

Congratulations to Dr. Patrick El-Khoury and Dr. Grant Johnson at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on their invited articles in the emerging investigator issue of Chemical Communications. The issue highlights work by early career scientists who are making a difference.


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Fueling A Sustainable Future

Imagine a future in which agricultural, animal and even human waste is used to produce fuels and high-value chemicals. This may seem far-fetched, but researchers at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are working hard to make it a reality. They are reinventing chemical conversion processes to turn once-forgotten waste into more efficient and sustainable fuels and chemicals with minimal environmental impacts.

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