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Nuclear and Particle Physics


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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory conducts an array of nuclear and particle physics research with a focus on weak interaction physics. The weak interaction is one of the four fundamental forces of physics that acts on the scale of the atomic nucleus. PNNL focuses on breakthroughs in the domain of weak interaction physics by merging a core of physicists and chemists with technical expertise uniquely suited for experimental studies of rare processes, such as neutrinoless double-beta decay. The result is a multidisciplinary program focused on investigating ultra-low background radio-assay and ultra-pure materials to expand future opportunities for measurements of ultra-rare processes studied by the weak interaction field of physics.

Guided by the Standard Model, PNNL's study of weak interaction physics is currently focused on experimental measurements of lepton number violation, neutrino mass, dark matter, flavor physics, and astrophysics. Explore each of these scientific frontiers through the links provided on this page.


Nuclear and Particle Physics



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