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Welcome to the first edition of Currents, the new e-newsletter from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Every six to eight weeks, we'll share with you the latest research results from PNNL, discuss how we're working with other labs and universities, and highlight opportunities for you, your colleagues or students to partner with our research teams. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform you and others of the breadth of research at PNNL - and to highlight opportunities for collaboration. In this way, Currents is our way of starting conversations. Please email us at if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about PNNL's science and technology. Thank you.

Dr. Steven Ashby
Deputy Director for Science and Technology

In this issue - April 2014

Improving Long-Term Battery Performance
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Krypton Reporter Uncovers Oxygen Behavior
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Asian Pollution Makes Pacific Storms More Intense
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Uncovering Details of Proton Relays
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Understanding Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
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Imaging a Single Layer of Proteins
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Turning Hydrocarbons into Electron Attractors
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