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Nuclear Systems Design, Engineering & Analysis

Nuclear Systems Design, Engineering & Analysis
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The Nuclear Systems Design, Engineering & Analysis Group provides mechanical, material and nuclear engineering design and analysis that are used to solve a range of technical issues or develop new technologies associated with nuclear facilities, primarily nuclear reactors. The group's design and analysis talents are used to develop new technologies and address the safety of new or existing nuclear facilities.

The group has extensive domestic and international experience, has classified computing capabilities and is familiar with the stringent quality requirements of DOE and NRC licensed nuclear facilities. In addition to engineering support the group also provides project management capability for complex nuclear projects with strict Quality Assurance requirements.

The engineering analysis consists of nuclear reactor safety analysis and core design, facility safety analysis, reactor thermal hydraulic analysis, criticality safety assessments, radiation shielding analysis, and nuclear fuels and materials performance analysis.

For more information, contact at (509) 375-2532.

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