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Nonproliferation Systems Integration

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Advancing domestic security objectives while minimizing effects on worldwide commerce through expert delivery of technologies, policy analysis, and operational training



Provide best-in-class project management and technical expertise to our sponsors by providing timely and professional response to our nation's global security and nonproliferation mission priorities.


Build a technical group that has an international reputation for providing world-class project management and technical expertise to international and domestic security, safeguards and nonproliferation issues dealing with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD — nuclear, radioactive, biological and chemical), illicit trafficking, treaty verification, border security, and policy analysis and implementation.

Capability Description

We apply our technical capabilities with a staff of highly qualified project management, applied engineering, security and nonproliferation experts to support domestic and international programs within both the sponsor and laboratory environment. We continually renew this skill base with both strategic hires and internal development of our staff in order to provide our sponsor with increased capability and service.

We specialize in project execution, with a focused emphasis on systems integration, to successfully deliver first-of-a-kind engineering solutions to complex national security challenges. Our unique combination of disciplined project management and international project engineering capabilities enable us to provide high performing teams for solving real-time global security and nonproliferation challenges.

Scientific Spectrum of Capabilities

We have unique staff capabilities that allow us to span a full spectrum of project offerings from policy analysis through technology development to field implementation of large, complex international programs. Our staff provide critical assistance to our sponsors and the international community in the analysis and development of policies related to nonproliferation, illicit trafficking, and physical security, leading to technology discovery and program development. We leverage staff within the science and technology disciplines to research and evaluate technologies in response to emerging policy and S&T challenges, as well as develop technologies for application that directly impact current policy and program requirements. We apply our unique systems engineering and international project management expertise to ensure expert delivery through all phases of the project lifecycle and provide maximum impact to our sponsors.

For more information, contact at (509) 375-1753.

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