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Applied Statistics & Computational Modeling

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The Applied Statistics and Computational Modeling group is comprised of statistics, mathematics, and operations research experts who work in multi-disciplinary teams and employ powerful tools and techniques, such as mathematical modeling, optimization, statistical analysis, algorithm development, and operational modeling and simulation to solve complex problems and help clients reach mission-focused solutions.

We develop optimal sampling and experimental designs to ensure the right type, quantity, and quality of data are gathered to support confident decisions and accurate conclusions while explicitly managing and quantifying uncertainty. We use novel data-analysis methods to extract hidden features, anomalies, and signatures from high-dimensional, large-volume, multi-modal data in support of scientific discovery and quantifiable decision-making.

As leaders in applied statistics and mathematics research, our unique perspective provides practical solutions to important problems and generates data to influence policy decisions in industry and government.

For more information, contact at (509) 375-3997 .

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