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Our researchers within National Security at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) focus on delivering high-impact, science-based, practical solutions to our clients to prevent and counter acts of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Our world-leading capabilities cross-cut market needs and one of our major strengths is our ability to integrate our research and projects across PNNL and take them to market. We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients to help make our world safe and more secure.

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Analytics at PNNL

A new website provides a one-stop-shop for analytics across PNNL. serves as a portal, linking together over 20 existing PNNL websites describing various facets of the Laboratory's data analytics portfolio. In an effort to communicate the breadth of our capabilities to potential sponsors and clients, the site describes data analytics programs, solutions, and technologies across the three research directorates and EMSL.

Greaves in Science

Artificial Intelligence

The immersion of artificial intelligence in science may be closer than previously predicted reveals research conducted by NSD's Mark Greaves, with collaborators at the University of Southern California, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Cornell University. "Amplify scientific discovery with artificial intelligence" suggests that a combination of humans and intelligent computers can "surpass the capabilities of either one alone."

The article, which was published in Science and subsequently covered by Fast Company, indicates that the possibilities for accelerating scientific discovery through artificial intelligence are exciting and potentially on the horizon.

National Lab Day attendees

National Lab Day

A showcase of science, including supercomputers, a "virtual reactor," and several PNNL technologies were on display at National Lab Day in Washington D.C on September 16. Representatives from all 17 Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratories came together to exhibit and demonstrate their contributions to DOE's key mission areas. Secretary Moniz and members of Congress stopped at PNNL's "Keeping Our Homeland Secure" exhibit and got a first-hand look at some of the Lab's advancements in cybersecurity and explosives detection, including the millimeter wave and vapor detection technologies, novel swipe materials, and Physical and Cyber Risk Analysis Tool (PACRAT).

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Tony Peurrung
NSD Director, Dr. Tony Peurrung oversees the delivery of impactful science and technology for PNNL's National Security clients.

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