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Kennewick Irrigation District (web site)

12 W. Kennewick Ave.
Kennewick, 48 99336 (map it)

General Description

The Kennewick Irrigation District will deliver irrigation water and related water activities, as authorized by state statutes, safely, efficiently, reliably, and economically for the maximum benefit of the water users. KID responds to residential needs in our service area, responds to the needs of our farm deliveries, conserves water wherever possible within the District, provides timely and efficient customer service, operates in a cost effective and responsive manner, establishes a secure water supply, maintains an updated District base map including segregations and as-built drawings, addresses drainage problems within the District and maintains competitive pricing for irrigation water.

Assistance Available

Regulatory Assistance
KID offers assistance regarding issues of permits and easements.

Site Selection
KID has land for sale in the Vista Field area, Gage and Steptoe area, and Stoneridge area (I-182 and Kennedy/Keene road). The property is located in prime commercial areas. Any questions on KID property should be directed to Mike Macon, KID Asset Manager, at 586-8000.


News & Events

Programs & Resources

Contact Information

Phone: (509) 586-9111
Fax: (509) 586-7663