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Tri-Cities Tech Business Update

This monthly e-mailed update contains news, opportunities, upcoming events, and other information about Mid-Columbia tech businesses and the organizations that support them. Visit the EDO Home page to subscribe to this Newsletter. Browse the archives for back issues.

August 2016 Issue

  • Battery500 Consortium to Spark Electric Vehicle Innovations
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will lead the Battery500 Consortium, a multi-institutional partnership with the aggressive goal of developing lithium-metal batteries that have almost triple the “specific energy” found in the batteries that power today’s electric vehicles. more...
  • New Tool Calculates Emissions Impacts, Energy Benefits from Smart Grid Investments
    Smart grid technologies significantly reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions resulting from power production and use. Together, smart grid and intelligent building mechanisms could reduce national carbon emissions by 12 percent by 2030. more...
  • PNNL Publishes Tech-to-Market Best-Practices Guide for Commercial Buildings Using VOLTTRON(TM)
    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has made available a report that provides technology-to-market guidance and best practices related to VOLTTRON™ platform deployments and commercialization activities for use in the small- to medium-sized commercial building market. VOLTTRON™ is an open-source distributed control and sensing software platform designed to manage a wide range of applications, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units; electric vehicles, and distributed energy or whole building loads. more...

We invite your contributions! We will consider items that fit the mission of this publication, including your tech-related news, awards, and notices of upcoming events. Please send text to or call (509) 371-6017.

Tri-Cities Tech Business Update is published by the Economic Development Office at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Each month, we send you an e-mail message, giving you the link of news, tips, awards, upcoming events, and other information about local technology-based businesses and organizations that support them. With business and community partners, our goal is to build and diversify the Tri-Cities economy—adding skilled jobs in primary-sector industries that bring in outside dollars. Currently, more than 1,100 tech-related businesses, investors, and economic development stakeholders subscribe to the newsletter, mostly in the Mid-Columbia area and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. This newsletter (RL-P00-009) supports PNSO's vision for the future of the Hanford Site and surrounding area through the creation of research opportunities, new industries, and new business clusters.


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