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A Collaborative Data Management, Analysis, Simulation, and Publishing Environment

Velo is a reusable, scalable, domain-independent infrastructure for managing scientific work. It supports the entire scientific project life cycle, including data management, modeling and simulation, visualization and analysis, validation, reporting, archival, publishing, and discovery. Velo is built on extensible open-source technologies to create a collaborative core platform that can be tailored to specific scientific uses and deployed to new sites in weeks.


Developed over the past 10 years and in production use by more than 15 separate projects and services supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and other agencies, some of Velo’s unique features include:

  • Scientific Data Management
  • Tool Integration
  • Simulation Management
  • Data Publication
  • Highly Customizable User Interfaces
  • Security
For more details, download the Velo Fact Sheet.

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