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Kerstin Kleese van Dam

Kerstin Kleese van Dam

Data Sciences
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K7-90
Richland, WA 99352


Kerstin is currently an Associate Division Director in CSMD and Technical Lead of the Scientific Data Management Group at PNNL.

She is personally involved in a range of data management research and development projects spanning numerous science domains to applied computer science research:

* Designing the DOE BioKnowledgebase semantic search, access and integration technologies,

* Computational framework, data representation, annotation and dissemination development for integrated Regional Earth Systems Modeling (iRESM),

* Enabling the move towards Real Time analysis for Chemical Imaging results for large scale experimental and laboratory based facilities,

* Designing a Multi resolution Data model for the PowerGrid,

* Development of a distributed data management and analysis infrastructure for the BELLE II Particle Physics experiment,

* Enabling Hypothesis driven Research and Discovery in Extreme Data,

* Data Intensive Science.

Kerstin is at present a member of the DataOne Semantic Working Group and the Study Group for Data Preservation and Long Term Analysis in High Energy Physics (DPHEP).

She began her research career in 1989 in high performance computing (HPC), developing, parallelizing, and optimizing particularly climate and engineering simulation applications for leadership class computing facilities (positions in the German automotive industry and German Climate Computing Center). I/O-related performance limitations led her in 1999 to refocus her research efforts towards data management for HPC, and subsequently, large-scale experimental facilities.

Kerstin worked at STFC - Daresbury Laboratory, United Kingdom from 1997-2008. During her time there she contributed successfully to the National High Performance Computing Initiative both as application expert and coordinator, later on she co-founded the STFC e-Science Centre and successfully built the organizations scientific data management program. She led and participated in a wide range of national and international projects (e.g. NERC DataGrid, e-Minerals, Integrative Biology, e-Materials, MaterialsGrid, UK Digital Curation Centre, Ontogenisis, VLAB, EcoGrid, ESTEDI)

After leaving STFC, she successfully acted as IT business consultant before accepting a position as Director of Computing for the Biomedical Sciences Faculty at University College London. In October 2009, she joined PNNL as senior research scientist.

Kerstin co-authored more than 100 publications. In the past she has served as a reviewer for the Department of Energy's SciDAC program, the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, NERC Peer Review College, and Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council Data Curation Review Panel. She was a member of the Institute for Environmental e-Science Advisory Committee and Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute Technical Advisory Board.

Research Interests

  • Kerstin's research interests are foremost in the areas of scientific data management, curation and exploitation, utilizing metadata and semantic technologies.

Education and Credentials

  • Technical University in Berlin, Germany; Computer Science - MS (Dipl.- Inform.)

Awards and Recognitions

  • She received the British Female Inventors and Innovators Silver Award (2006)

PNNL Publications


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Selected Publications


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