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  • Newly funded by DOE-ASCR, the recently launched Center for Advanced Technology Evaluation, dubbed CENATE, at PNNL is a first-of-its-kind computing proving ground. Before setting the next-generation, extreme-scale supercomputers to work solving some of the nation’s biggest problems, CENATE’s evaluation of early technologies to predict their overall potential and guide their designs will help hone future technology, systems and applications before these high-cost machines make it to production.
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  • Congratulations to Sriram Krishnamoorthy, who recently joined the editorial group of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, an international publication that features original research and review articles focused on parallel processing and distributed computing. He now is part of the 66-member associate editorial team, featuring diverse representatives from DOE national laboratories, academia, and industry. Read more.

About the Division

PNNL’s ACMD Division focuses on the Science of Computing and creating new computational capabilities to solve problems using extreme-scale simulation and data analytics.

The Advanced Computing, Mathematics & Data (ACMD) Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory provides science, technologies, and leadership to solve significant problems of national interest in energy, environment, national security, and fundamental science. Within the ACMD Division, our research is aimed at creating new, state-of-the-art computational capabilities using extreme-scale simulation and petascale data analytics that enable scientific breakthroughs.

We are developing intelligent hardware and software solutions that analyze, store, and share data in ways that enable innovative research, while reducing both cost and time. These research and development activities are giving rise to scientific breakthroughs in high-impact areas, including infrastructures, computing architectures, and advanced analytical techniques.

In addition, ACMD Division offers investigator-initiated and multi-institutional collaborative research, unique scientific instrumentation, and national program leadership to translate the latest discoveries into technologies for the scientific community.

To address a constantly shifting set of opportunities as new areas of inquiry become technically feasible for the first time, ACMDD is cultivating research capabilities in:

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Advanced Computing, Mathematics, and Data


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