This interaction is a portion of a larger troubleshooting and maintenance exercise. After learning about the function of many pieces of equipment and learning troubleshooting strategies, students are presented with scenarios that test how well they can apply what they've learned.

Restore Connectivity Between Systems

Problem: Users located at the 127th MP Company report that they are not able to send data to the 52nd Medical Brigade.

Action: Troubleshoot the problem and restore network connectivity between the systems. (Note: Someone has already walked the WF-16 wire line and reported no breaks in the wire.)

Given: Existing terrain map and locations of units, CAISI equipment.

To inspect pieces of equipment, click on them in the map below. Once you have inspected the equipment at various locations and have conducted necessary troubleshooting, you should arrive at a conclusion about the cause of the problem. Please indicate the specific cause of the problem by making one selection from each of the three columns below the map. Then click the "Check Answers" button to see how you did.

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