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Cognitive Informatics

Overview: Learning and Skill Development

Traditional approaches to training concentrate on memorizing facts and procedures rather than actively solving problems. In contrast, teaching by problem-solving aims to use real-world contexts that compel learners to actively apply knowledge. PNNL's approach to designing and developing learning and training systems is built upon fundamental cognitive/learning concepts, sound instructional systems design principles, and innovative technical solutions that use multimedia and interactive paradigms to facilitate learning.

Virtual Environment Example

PNNL's cognitive approach to learning and performance assessment has helped to advance the field of online/interactive learning through the design and development of new computer-mediated approaches to scenario-based instruction and guided-discovery learning.

Visit the Learning and Skill Development Technical Thrust page to learn about the vision, research challenges, and research goals that make up PNNL's innovative and leading-edge approach to training and learning technologies.

Visit the Research Applications page to read descriptions of representative research projects in this area.

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Cognitive Informatics

Human-System Integration

Learning and Skill Development

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