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Cognitive Informatics

Overview: Human-System Integration/Human Information Interaction

Research on Human-System Integration/Human-Information Interaction focuses on improving the way people find, interact with, and understand information. This includes aspects of many traditional research efforts, including human-computer interaction, human judgment and decision making, and environment/task analysis.

Human Computer Interface Example

PNNL researchers and engineers in the Computational & Statistical Analytics Division seek computational approaches that enhance human performance and that of human-machine systems. Cognitive scientists at PNNL and their collaborators conduct research to address information processing bottlenecks arising from limitations in attention, memory, learning, comprehension, visualization abilities, and decision making. They apply cognitive models to guide design requirements and development of systems to enhance human-information interaction and decision making.

This research has been applied in particular to enhancing power grid operational decision making. Several projects are being conducted in support of power grid operations in the area of human factors/display and visualization design for enhanced operational decision making and training/instructional design research. Underlying these projects is a systematic, theory or model-driven approach to system design that uses cognitive engineering principles such as cognitive task analysis, mental models, and naturalistic decision making models to inform the design and enhancement of operational systems or operator training systems.

Visit the Human-System Integration/Human Information Interaction Technical Thrust page to learn about the vision, research challenges, and research goals in enhancing human information interaction and decision making.

Visit the Research Applications page to read descriptions of representative research projects in this area.

The Publications page contains technical and research papers that you may download and view.

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