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PNNL's Technology Transfer team represents more than a century of commercialization experience. Each manager brings an educational background and practical experience to their portfolio that creates success interactions with our licensees. Inclusive of MBAs and PH.D.s, each of the Laboratory's technology transfer staff members are veterans of start-ups, ventures, university technology transfer or multinational companies. We invite you to contact any member of this award-winning team with your technology questions or about your organization's needs.

General Information

Cheryl Cejka
(509) 375-3700

Portfolio(s) Contact
  • Customizable Management Tools
  • Information Technology
John T. McEntire
(509) 372-6960
  • Electronics
  • Environmental
  • Manufacturing
  • Microsystems
  • Nuclear & Radiological
  • Sensors
  • Ultrasonics
Dave L. Greenslade
(509) 375-6555
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Thin Film Materials
Bruce J. Harrer
(509) 375-6958
  • Fungal Biotechnology
  • Life Sciences
Ron M. Thomas
(509) 372-6042
  • Chemistry
Eric C. Lund
(509) 375-3764
  • Energy
Peter C. Christensen
(509) 371-6159
Matt J. Love
(509) 375-2194
Gordon L. Graff
(509) 375-6786

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