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Special Report - Commercial Partnerships: Working with a National Laboratory

National laboratory science & technology:
What's in it for industry?

PNNL has been transferring innovative technologies to industry and the marketplace since 1965. PNNL pioneered optical digital recording, the critical design element for compact discs and disc players. We also developed a material still sold at most hardware and garden stores that prevents roots and vegetation from invading septic tanks, sidewalks, and buried pipes, saving millions of dollars in maintenance costs. And our researchers invented and commercialized radio frequency tags, which can be used to track and monitor a wide range of items.

PNNL maintains an active intellectual property licensing program for technology transfer to industry. Our intellectual property portfolio of products, technologies, and processes reflects the Laboratory's current research areas in biotechnology, biobased products and waste cleanup, chemical and materials processing, new catalysts, advanced computation modeling, information analytics and cyber security, sensors and detection systems, energy generation/transmission/distribution systems, and transportation emissions reduction. Industry can also tap into PNNL's leading-edge research capabilities, research staff expertise, and some of our unique facilities and equipment.

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