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Converting energy resources... and ourselves

Every time I put together an issue of Breakthroughs, I learn a lot. So far, though, this is the first issue that has motivated me to change my own behavior and thinking.

Yes, like most people I shake my head every month when I get my electric bill; I lamely kick my tire as the numbers on the gas pump roll faster than I can count. Energy is a big deal on a personal level. But reading through the special section articles, I was jolted by the reality of what is happening to our country. And sadly, it's within our power to fix the problem.

The good news is that I work at a place that focuses every day on the growing energy problem. The special section features work on many fronts: grid, nuclear, coal and hydrocarbon conversion. The bad news is that it will take time and money to develop solutions into working technologies and processes. But have faith. These are very talented people.

While I cannot match the scientific creativity of PNNL's staff, I can take my new-found knowledge and apply it. I've already installed my first compact fluorescent light (CFL). And the next time I buy coffee, I'll walk into the store rather than idle in the drive-through—less gas, less pollution. We all can contribute something – LT

Writers for this edition: Sue Chin, Jonni Dron, Sallie Ortiz, Rosalind Schrempf, Virginia Sliman, Andrea McMakin, Dawn White, Brittney Drollinger, Jodi Melland, Susan Bauer, and Pamela Harrington.
Graphics: Chris DeGraaf, Nathan Johnson, Shannon Neely, Mike Perkins, and Justin Yonk.

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