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PNNL celebrates 40 years

In January 1965, the keys to the Hanford Laboratories were handed over to Battelle. The Lab was renamed Pacific Northwest Laboratory. It became a national laboratory operated by Battelle for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

At that time, PNL consisted of about 2,000 scientists, engineers and support staff, whose work focused mainly on the effects of radiation. Today PNNL employs almost 4,000. Its mission is multifaceted and complex and is based on pioneering research and development in energy, national security, environmental technology and fundamental science.

This issue of Breakthroughs takes readers back to PNNL's early days and leads them through the highlights of 40 years of commitment to advancing science and technology to better serve our nation. In putting together this issue, I was impressed by how deep the Laboratory's expertise runs. Research and technologies that place PNNL on the cutting edge of science today may well have roots in research that was done 20, 30 or even 40 years earlier. It is this depth of expertise that makes PNNL world class.

Writers for this edition: Amy Cruz, Lisa Enderlin, Tim Ledbetter, N. Lee Prince, Rosalind Schrempf and Ginny Sliman.
Graphic Design: Chris DeGraaf, Mike Perkins and Shannon Villarreal

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