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Climate research–an integrative approach

PNNL's climate research program was developed with the goal of understanding the diverse issues involved in climate change. That goal has evolved into a program that works not only to advance the scientific understanding of climate change but also to integrate the human, technological, economic and policy aspects of climate.

In addition to an interdisciplinary team of experts, PNNL's climate research program incorporates a network of domestic and international collaborators. This breadth of expertise has earned the Laboratory's climate research program recognition as a leader in the scientific community. PNNL staff members have been invited to testify before Congress, and researchers also play lead roles in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In this issue of Breakthroughs, we highlight the integrative nature of PNNL's climate research and its global impacts with stories ranging from physical climate research in "Clouds help clear up global warming questions" to its work assessing the vulnerability of human populations in "How vulnerable are we to climate change?" I hope that you will find this research as interesting and relevant as I have. – V.S.

Editor: Virginia Sliman
Graphic Design: Chris DeGraaf, Nathan Johnson, Shannon Neely and Mike Perkins

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