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With the excitement of a new millennium upon us, many people are focused on the future. Of course the scientists and engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are always looking ahead. The research they do today builds new knowledge for a brighter tomorrow.

In this issue of Breakthroughs, we examine how Pacific Northwest is cultivating the technologies of the future. We provide a sample of innovations being nurtured, but we're just scraping the surface. The examples on these pages depict how science and technology may impact our lives—including a novel way for people to interact with one another, advancements that could lead to extremely energy-efficient cars and a unique instrument to gain a better understanding of living cells.

With Pacific Northwest celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2000, we also take a look at the past. Together, the historical highlights and a glimpse of what's to come are an illustration of challenging research, exciting discoveries and practical solutions.

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  • "A picture is worth a thousand words," explains how information visualization can help cut through the clutter. Learn more about these technologies at
  • An online island adventure awaits at (URL no longer active), where you can find more information about the climate research on Nauru featured in "Tropical island a haven for intense climate research."
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