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Staff information

Mikhail Ovchinnikov

Mikhail Ovchinnikov

Earth Systems Analysis & Modeling
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K9-30
Richland, WA 99352


Mikhail Ovchinnikov's current research interests include a wide range of topics in cloud physics, as well as cloud-related aspects of remote sensing, radiation, and atmospheric dynamics. Dr. Ovchinnikov relies on a combination of numerical modeling, in situ, and remote observations in nearly all of his studies, which have three major thrusts: 1) studying individual aerosol and cloud processes, 2) retrieving cloud properties using remote sensors, and 3) developing, testing, and improving modules and parameterizations for atmospheric models from cloud to global scales. Finding new ways to evaluate these models and validate simulation results is always the top priority of these studies.

A unifying theme of several of his projects funded by the Deparment of Energy and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the use of an "instrument simulator" concept, in which the model output is used to reconstruct what a specific observing system would detect. The synthetic measurements are then used to evaluate the model and to test retrieval algorithms.

Research Interests

  • Cloud models and parameterizations
  • Cloud-aerosol and cloud-radiation interactions
  • Remote sensing

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D., Meteorology, The University of Oklahoma
  • M.S., Applied Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Affiliations and Professional Service

Awards and Recognitions

  • Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award, The University of Oklahoma, 1998

PNNL Publications


  • Ovchinnikov M, A Ackerman, A Avramov, A Cheng, J Fan, A Fridlind, SJ Ghan, JY Harrington, C Hoose, A Korolev, G McFarquhar, H Morrison, M Paukert, J Savre, B Shipway, MD Shupe, A Solomon, and K Sulia. 2014. "Intercomparison of Large-eddy Simulations of Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds: Importance of Ice Size Distribution Assumptions." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 6(1):223-248.  doi:10.1002/2013MS000282
  • Guo Z, M Wang, Y Qian, VE Larson, SJ Ghan, M Ovchinnikov, P Bogenschutz, C Zhao, G Lin, and T Zhou. 2014. "A Sensitivity Analysis of Cloud Properties to CLUBB Parameters in the Single-Column Community Atmosphere Model (SCAM5)." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 6(3):829-858.  doi:10.1002/2014MS000315


  • Ovchinnikov M, RC Easter, Jr, and WI Gustafson, Jr. 2013. "Untangling Dynamical and Microphysical Controls for the Structure of Stratocumulus." Geophysical Research Letters 40(16):4432-4436.  doi:10.1002/grl.50810
  • Kassianov EI, D Lane-Veron, LK Berg, M Ovchinnikov, and P Kollias. 2013. "Markovian Approach and its Applications in a Cloudy Atmosphere." Chapter 3 in Light Scattering Reviews 7: Radiative Transfer and Optical Properties of Atmosphere and Underlying Surface, ed. AA Kokhanovsky, pp. 69-107.  Springer, New York, NY. 
  • Khain A, T Prabha, N Benmoshe, G Pandithurai, and M Ovchinnikov. 2013. "The Mechanism of First Raindrops Formation in Deep Convective Clouds." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 118(16):9123-9140.  doi:10.1002/jgrd.50641
  • Muehlbauer AD, WW Grabowski, SP Malinowski, TP Ackerman, G Bryan, Z Lebo, J Milbrandt, H Morrison, M Ovchinnikov, S Tessendorf, JM Theriault, and G Thompson. 2013. "Reexamination of the State of the Art Cloud Modeling Shows Real Improvements." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 94(5):ES45-ES48.  doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-12-00188.1
  • Yang F, M Ovchinnikov, and RA Shaw. 2013. "Minimalist Model of Ice Microphysics in Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds." Geophysical Research Letters 40(14):3756-3760.  doi:10.1002/grl.50700


  • Chand D, R Wood, SJ Ghan, M Wang, M Ovchinnikov, PJ Rasch, SD Miller, B Schichtel, and T Moore. 2012. "Aerosol optical depth increase in partly cloudy conditions." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 117:Article No. D17207.  doi:10.1029/2012JD017894
  • Kulkarni GR, J Fan, JM Comstock, X Liu, and M Ovchinnikov. 2012. "Laboratory Measurements and Model Sensitivity Studies of Dust Deposition Ice Nucleation." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12(16):7295-7308.  doi:10.5194/acp-12-7295-2012
  • Larson VE, D Schanen, M Wang, M Ovchinnikov, and SJ Ghan. 2012. "PDF parameterization of boundary layer clouds in models with horizontal grid spacings from 2 to 16 km." Monthly Weather Review 140(1):285-306.  doi:10.1175/MWR-D-10-05059.1
  • Wang M, SJ Ghan, X Liu, TL Ecuyer, K Zhang, H Morrison, M Ovchinnikov, RC Easter, Jr, R Marchand, D Chand, Y Qian, and JE Penner. 2012. "Constraining cloud lifetime effects of aerosols using A-Train satellite observations ." Geophysical Research Letters 39:L15709.  doi:10.1029/2012GL052204


  • Ovchinnikov M, A Korolev, and J Fan. 2011. "Effects of ice number concentration on dynamics of a shallow mixed-phase stratiform cloud." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 116:Article No. D00T06.  doi:10.1029/2011JD015888
  • Fan J, SJ Ghan, M Ovchinnikov, X Liu, PJ Rasch, and A Korolev. 2011. "Representation of Arctic Mixed-Phase clouds and the Wegener-Bergeron-Findeisen Process in Climate Models: Perspectives from a Cloud-Resolving Study." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 116:Article No. D00T07.  doi:10.1029/2010JD015375
  • Ghan SJ, H Abdul-Razzak, A Nenes, Y Ming, X Liu, M Ovchinnikov, B Shipway, N Meskhidze, J Xu, and X Shi. 2011. "Droplet Nucleation: Physically-Based Parameterization and Comparative Evaluation." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 3:Article No. M10001.  doi:10.1029/2011MS000074
  • Kassianov EI, M Ovchinnikov, LK Berg, and CJ Flynn. 2011. "Aerosol Retrievals under Partly Cloudy Conditions: Challenges and Perspectives." In Polarimetric Detection, Characterization, and Remote Sensing: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security, ed. MI Mishchenko, et al, pp. 205-232.  Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands. 
  • Larson VE, BJ Nielsen, J Fan, and M Ovchinnikov. 2011. "Parameterizing correlations between hydrometeor species in mixed-phase Arctic clouds." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 116:Art. No. D00T02.  doi:10.1029/2010JD015570
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  • Wang M, SJ Ghan, M Ovchinnikov, X Liu, RC Easter, Jr, EI Kassianov, Y Qian, and H Morrison. 2011. "Aerosol Indirect effects in a multi-scale aerosol-climate model PNNL-MMF." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11(11):5431-5455.  doi:10.5194/acp-11-5431-2011
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  • Ovchinnikov M, and RC Easter, Jr. 2010. "Modeling aerosol growth by aqueous chemistry in nonprecipitating stratiform cloud." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 115(D14210):, doi:10.1029/2009JD012816
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  • Kassianov EI, M Ovchinnikov, LK Berg, SA McFarlane, CJ Flynn, R Ferrare, CA Hostetler, and M Alexandrov. 2010. "A New Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth from Reflectance Ratios on Partly Cloudy Days: Development and Evaluation." In 13th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, June 28-July 2, 2010, Portland, Oregon, p. Paper No. P2.18.  American Meteorological Society, Boston, MA. 
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  • Ovtchinnikov M, and RC Easter, Jr. 2009. "Nonlinear Advection Algorithms Applied to Inter-related Tracers: Errors and Implications for Modeling Aerosol-Cloud Interactions ." Monthly Weather Review 137(2):632-644.  doi:10.1175/2008MWR2626.1
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