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Science and Engineering External Recognition (SEER) Program

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The SEER Program establishes a proactive, organized approach for nominating PNNL scientists and engineers for individual awards and recognition in major scientific and technical venues. Honors include fellowships, major professional society awards, government awards such as the PECASE and E.O. Lawrence, National Academy honors, and many others. Helping our researchers earn prestigious awards and honors not only supports their professional development, it enhances the reputation of PNNL, and ultimately, supports the Laboratory's business objectives.

The SEER Program offers a formal, centralized process for recognitions and awards for individual researchers. Through a structured approach and a centralization of critical S&E award information, SEER identifies the awards and recognitions that are most important to PNNL's business, and aligns those opportunities with the Lab's most promising researchers.

The SEER Council

Comprised of leadership from across the Lab, the SEER Council is accountable to the PNNL Deputy Director for Science and Technology as the institutional advocate for ensuring a strong, focused staff awards and honors approach. The charter for the SEER Council is to:

  • Identify strategic awards and recognition that position S&E staff for National Academy election
  • Identify staff to be mentored and developed through the pipeline leading to National Academy election
  • Proactively guide staff through the pipeline (e.g., mentoring, working with line managers, engaging academy members in discussions of readiness of targeted staff for academy election)

Members of the FY2013 SEER Council include:

  • Dan Gaspar, SEER Council Chair
  • Don Baer, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
  • Charles Brandt, Energy and Environment Directorate
  • Jean Futrell, Fundamental & Computational Sciences Directorate
  • David Higby, National Security Directorate
  • Kelly Sullivan, Lab Director's Office
  • Bob Wright, Council of Fellows
  • Dale Bailey, Human Resources
  • MaryAnne Wuennecke, SEER Program Manager

SEER Program Management

Serving as the primary contact point for managers, S&E's and the SEER Council, the SEER Manager oversees the development and implementation of the program. This includes managing the awards process and doing related research, assisting staff with the nomination process, and working with the SEER Council and Lab management to promote high-level nominations that are recommended and supported by the Laboratory's research directorates. The Program Manager develops relationships with key research staff throughout the lab, as well as relationships with award coordinators/judges from the different agencies and societies, as well as external recognition managers at other national labs and universities.

The SEER Program is housed within the Enterprise Marketing Communications group of the Organizational Development. For more information, contact:


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