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Leadership Team

PNNL science and technology inspires and enables the world to live prosperously, safely, and securely. Our leaders turn this vision into action, guiding all of PNNL's efforts. They ensure that our multidisciplinary research teams perform safely, securely and sustainably while advancing science and technology to solve the nation's most pressing problems in energy, the environment and national security.


Steve Ashby Photo
Steven Ashby PNNL Director

Steven Ashby establishes the vision and strategic direction of the Laboratory as it advances the frontiers of science and addresses complex challenges in energy, the environment, and national security.

John P. LaFemina Photo
John P. LaFemina Interim Deputy Director for Science & Technology

John P. LaFemina leads PNNL's strategic planning activities and stewards efforts to broaden the Laboratory’s science and technology capabilities, visibility, and strategic partnerships.

Douglas Ray Photo
Douglas Ray Associate Laboratory Director — Fundamental & Computational Sciences

Douglas Ray establishes strategies to strengthen the U.S. scientific foundation for innovation.

Jud Virden Photo
Jud Virden Associate Laboratory Director — Energy & Environment

Jud Virden leads PNNL's efforts to increase U.S. energy capacity, reduce dependence on imported oil, and reduce the environmental impacts of human activity.

Tony Peurrung Photo
Tony Peurrung Associate Laboratory Director — National Security

Tony Peurrung leads PNNL's efforts to enhance national and global security by enabling discovery, assessment and mitigation of complex threats.

Allison Campbell Photo
Allison Campbell Associate Laboratory Director — Director of EMSL

Allison Campbell leads EMSL as a world-class user facility delivering the integration of theory and experiment for discovery and innovation in energy, environment and national security.

Marty Conger Photo
Marty Conger Associate Laboratory Director — Business Systems

Marty Conger oversees finance, accounting and business operations at PNNL.

Paula Linnen Photo
Paula Linnen Associate Laboratory Director — Organizational Development

Paula Linnen leads the human resources and communications functions as well as science and engineering education; and focuses on providing impact through people.

Mike Schlender Photo
Michael Schlender Chief Operations Officer
Associate Laboratory Director — Operational Systems

Mike Schlender is responsible for facility stewardship; security; quality; environment, safety and health; and operational performance assurance.

Vincent Branton Photo
Vincent Branton Director and General Counsel — Office of General Counsel

Vincent Branton guides the legal team as they support the Laboratory's S&T accomplishments while protecting our intellectual property.

Kevin Ensign Photo
Kevin Ensign Director and Chief Audit Executive – Audit Services

Kevin Ensign leads a team that performs internal investigations of PNNL operations in an effort to reduce risk and protect the integrity of the Laboratory..

Brian Abrahamson Photo
Brian Abrahamson Director and Chief Information Officer

Brian Abrahamson establishes the strategic plan and stewards the Lab's investments in Information Technology to enable the research mission of PNNL.

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