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2007 Awards

PNNL Ranked One of Nation's Most Innovative Companies Using Information Technology in its Business

InformationWeek, a leading information technology (IT) trade magazine, has placed Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 54th out of 500 companies in a ranking that determines the country's most innovative companies employing IT in their business.

For 19 years InformationWeek has tracked the technology practices of the nation's most pioneering companies using their annual InformationWeek 500 report. This report examines business and technology best practices and uses the findings to benchmark companies IT strategies. Key report areas include increasing efficiency and productivity, the customer and IT risk management, globalization, IT spending and technologies deployed.

Other notable companies that fell below PNNL in the rankings include Chevron (#72), Verizon Telecom (#86), Computer Sciences Corp. (#90), Dell Inc. (#95), and Dow Chemical (#96). This marks the first time PNNL has made InformationWeek's list.

Congratulations to everyone who plays an IT role for PNNL in helping define the Laboratory as a national leader in computational sciences!  (announced 9/28/2007)

City of Richland awards PNNL with the 2007 Electronic Stewardship Environmental Excellence Award

Richland mayor presents award to PNNL team
(L-R) Richland Mayor Rob Welch presents Marty Conger; Sean Story, Kami Lowry and John Jagelski with the 2007 Environmental Award for Electronic Stewardship.

On September 18, PNNL was awarded the City of Richland's 2007 Environmental Excellence Award for Electronic Stewardship.

Accepting the award on behalf of PNNL, Marty Conger stated, "We take a tremendous amount of pride in our environmental practices at the Lab, and are very proud to be associated with Richland's green recognition program. I look forward to an even stronger relationship with the City as we continue to improve our environmental practices."

Key to the success of PNNL's environmental stewardship program and members of PNNL's project team for this award are: Chris Armstrong, Marc Berman, Aleta Busselman, Kerry Cullterton, Kim Fowler, Lori Horsley-Fricke, John Jagelski, Janine Jensen, Kami Lowry, Wanda McCollom and Sean Story.

The project team demonstrated the success of the program at PNNL through education, communication, and demonstrations regarding the importance of environmentally friendly electronics management. Throughout the year, the team found ways to minimize waste by continually identifying and mitigating electronic hazards, being aware of requirements and best practices, and continually monitoring and improving Laboratory processes to prevent pollution.

PNNL strives to be a leader in electronics management across the entire product lifecycle - from purchasing to operations through end-of-life. We've made a commitment to implement "green" electronic practices at the Lab which incorporate energy efficiency and environmentally sound management principles. This includes purchasing "green" computers through our Business to Business (B2B) program which provides a compilation of products with the most environmentally friendly technological attributes available. In addition, PNNL enables energy saving options via a standardized imaging process, utilizing centralized systems for software installations, and upgrading computers to increase their lifespan.

Through our donation and recycling policies, we've kept 100% of our electronic waste from landfills and have donated computers in good condition to non-profit organizations as well as schools through the "Computers for Learning" program. In 2006, PNNL donated 321 computer systems, 90 of which went to Richland schools or non-profit organizations and 25 went to the "Hurricane Help for Schools" organization to aid Hurricane Katrina victims.

Remaining computers are sent to public auction where the proceeds are used locally for economic development purposes. Nonworking computers are recycled through the Environmental Protection Agency's list of approved recyclers.

This is the third consecutive year that PNNL has been recognized by the City as it honors and recognizes the environmental efforts of Richland businesses and organizations. In 2005, PNNL was awarded Green Business of the Year; and in 2006, PNNL was awarded the Green Project Award for bringing biofuels into the community.  (announced 9/18/2007)

PNNL Receives National Tibbetts Award for Assistance to Small Businesses

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has been selected as a 2007 Tibbetts Award winner for the Laboratory's Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Alerting Service—an electronic newsletter which keeps small businesses informed about federal funding opportunities.

Roland Tibbetts began the SBIR program as a tiny experimental project at the National Science Foundation. Today, the SBIR program has developed more than $21 billion worth of research.

The Tibbetts Awards are given annually to firms, projects, organizations and individuals that have made significant differences for small business organizations.

PNNL's Alerting Service is a first-of-its-kind, e-mail newsletter that provides more than 3,500 subscribers bi-weekly summaries of current information on available SBIR funding, associated workshops, conferences and proposal-writing tips. The Alerting Service extends to more than 11,000 subscribers each month due to the easy forwarding ability of e-mail, which further validates it as a valuable tool for small businesses.

In October, the Laboratory will be officially recognized at the Tibbetts ceremony in Washington, D.C.  (announced 9/1/2007)

Federal Electronics Challenge Gold-Level Award

PNNL was awarded the Federal Electronics Challenge Gold-Level Award for "PNNL Stewardship: Conservation through Reuse," awarded by Office of Federal Environmental Executive. The Gold-Level Award Recipients were awareded for their success in reducing the environmental impacts of electronics in all three life-cycle phases, as well as participating in a peer mentoring program. Electronic stewardship actions undertaken by these partners have helped the Federal government improve its sustainable practices when purchasing, managing and disposing of their electronics assets.

For more information about the award see the Federal Electronics Challenge website.  (announced 6/30/2007)

PNNL named to the Great Employer for New Grads list compiled by Fortune Magazine and Experience, Inc.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is recognized on a list of 20 great employers for new college graduates. The list, published today, was commissioned by Fortune Magazine and conducted by Experience Inc., an online career advisor that serves as a link between university career centers and companies looking to hire new graduates.

For more information see the PNNL news release.  (announced 5/15/2007)

PNNL recieves Thrid Pollution Prevention Star Award

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) encourages its sites to nominate projects for DOE's internal P2 Star Awards and the White House's Closing the Circle Awards, which both recognize exemplary performance in integrating environmental stewardship practices to reduce risk, protect natural resources, and enhance site operations.

In fiscal year (FY) 2006, PNNL identified pollution prevention related avoidances of $4,159,500 and approximately 13,450 kilograms of hazardous waste.  (announced 5/1/2007)

PNNL Wins Excellence Awards for Safety and Security

The Northwest Academic Computing Consortium awarded PNNL two Hugi Excellence Awards for the Lab's outstanding safety and security technologies. The NWACC–a collaboration of universities, research organizations and nonprofit groups in the Pacific Northwest–presents the Hugi Excellence Award for exceptional information technology practices.

PNNL won the NWACC's Technology Infrastructure category for the outdoor campus safety camera system. The system's implementation leverages state-of-the-art wireless mesh technology and commodity wireless technologies. Consisting of 81 cameras, 14 emergency call stations and campus-wide outdoor wireless mesh network, the comprehensive units will improve campus safety, cyber and physical security and emergency response.

The Lab also garnered the award in the IT Management and Administration category for the unclassified cyber security awareness training. Elements of the multi-faceted awareness and education program include on-line training, posters, postcards and newsletters. These materials enhance staff development, policy awareness and protection of the Lab's information.  (announced 4/1/2007)

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