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2003 Awards

Environmental Excellence Award for Resource Conservation

PNNL was awarded the Environmental Excellence Award for Resource Conservation from the Assoication of Washington Businesses. PNNL has made conservation and energy efficiency key elements of its Facility Energy Management Plan, as encouraged by the Department of Ecology. This plan emphasizes conservation, infrastructure modernization, diversification of utility supplies including renewable energy, system upgrades and sharing best practices. The laboratory's commitment to leadership, applying best industry practices, and using innovative thinking to manage the facility energy and grounds program is demonstrated in the story of the following accomplishments: Exceeding regulatory requirements by purchasing 13.7 percent of its electricity from renewable sources in October 2002; conserving 114 million gallons of water and avoiding sending 16.72 million gallons of water into the sewer system; and in 2002 and 2003 working with Bonneville Power on a "Plug into Savings" project that will save an estimated 8,542,601 kilowatt hours per year.  (announced 6/1/2004)

PNNL awarded DOE Energy Champion

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)was awarded DOE Energy Champion by the U.S. Department of Energy for "Wind Blows Green Energy into National Laboratory." In FY 2002, PNNL agreed to purchase more than 8.7 million kilowatt hours of power produced by a local wind farm for FY 2003. This purchase, combined with a smaller purchase of renewable power, will provide almost 14 percent of the energy for the Laboratory. The purchase implements the measures of Executive Order 13123, Section 204, and exceeds DOE's goal of purchasing 3 percent renewable energy by 2005 and 7.5 percent by 2010. Also, the partnership that PNNL initiated resulted in a renewable energy option for city residents and businesses. It also means PNNL is one of the federal government''s leaders in the use of "green energy."  (announced 2/1/2004)

PNNL recognized by U.S. Department of Commerce as one of seven "best practices" federal labs nationwide in economic development

The Department of Commerce has selected the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest national Laboratory as a national model FOR technology - based economic development.The recognition came in report issued Nov. 20, 2003,by the department's Office of Technology Policy.

Of 300 national laboratories, "Partners on a Mission: Federal Laboratory Practices Contributing to Economic Development" singles out seven best-practices federal labs, including PNNL, and two programs for providing regions with access to federally funded technologies and facilities.

For more information see "Report cites PNNL as model for economic development."  (announced 10/30/2003)

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