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Yong Wang
Dunning leads the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, a partnership of PNNL and the University of Washington.

Joint Appointments

PNNL seeks opportunities to build strategic relationships with American universities and with colleagues who are leaders in their fields. We have nearly 30 PNNL scientists and university professors holding joint appointments among 12 different universities across the United States.

Joint appointments increase both parties' access to new funding sources, graduate students, training opportunities and unique instrumentation and facilities. They provide scientists greater opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations and allow both parties to draw on additional capabilities to strengthen their competitiveness. Such an agreement allows PNNL to reach into these institutions for strong graduate and postdoctoral candidates, while providing the university's students specialized opportunities at a national laboratory.

Current joint appointments with either university professors or PNNL scientists include:

  • The University of Washington
  • Washington State University
  • Brown University
  • University of Maryland
  • The Ohio State University and
  • Penn State, among others.

Universities Washington State University University of Utah University of Delaware University of Washington Oregon State University

For example, PNNL and the University of Washington boast seven staff who hold joint appointments, including:

  • Jim DeYoreo, who serves as PNNL's Chief Scientist for Materials Synthesis and Simulation Across Scales while holding a joint appointment with the UW's Department of Chemistry. He's internationally known for his work to understand and manipulate the physics of interactions and assembly at solid-liquid interfaces in nanoscale, biological, biomimetic, and environmental systems.
  • Thom Dunning, who holds a joint appointment with the University of Washington as director of the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, a collaborative institute between PNNL and UW, also has a Distinguished Faculty Fellow appointment in the UW Department of Chemistry.

Brown University's George Em Karniadakis leads PNNL's Collaboratory on Mathematics for Mesoscopic Modeling of Materials.

A recently created OHSU-PNNL Northwest CoLaboratory for Integrated Omics includes reciprocal joint appointments between PNNL and Oregon Health and Sciences University. PNNL Laboratory Fellows Richard D. Smith and Karin Rodland will serve as affiliate professors in OHSU's mass spectrometry facility.

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