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Awards and Achievements

Awards and Honors

PNNL's researchers strive for excellence. Their research and technology transfer efforts continually earn prestigious national and international awards and honors including:

R&D 100 Awards

R&D 100 Award Logo

R&D Magazine honors inventors by identifying the 100 most technologically significant products and advancements for each year and recognizing the winning innovators and their organizations. PNNL has received 5 R&D 100 Awards in FY15, a total of 98 since we began submitting entries in 1969.

Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Awards

FLC Award Logo

The FLC organization recognizes outstanding work in accomplishing technology transfer from the national labs to the public and private sectors with several prestigious awards. We are proud of our excellent record in receiving 81 of these honors.

Staff Awards and Honors

Researcher receives an award

PNNL values the contributions that our scientists and engineers make to the greater scientific community. The SEER program formalizes our support and encouragement by matching staff with outstanding contributions in science and engineering to opportunities for external recognition.

Laboratory Awards

Prominent regional and national recognition for PNNL.

PNNL Achievements

Since its creation in 1965, PNNL has produced dozens of major innovations and advances in the areas of the environment, energy, health, national security and the basic sciences that support these areas. These achievements, many of which have been leveraged into commercial applications, fit into three general categories:

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