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Melanie Godinez

PNNL lending a hand — and technology — to first responders
Published in the Tri-City Herald, July 2017, authored by Lab Director Steven Ashby

When disaster strikes, first responders rush in to provide assistance. In addition to their courage and training, they depend on a panoply of technologies to do their jobs. Read more...

Mahantesh Halappanavar

PNNL advancing the frontiers of computing: the march toward exascale
Published in the Tri-City Herald, June 2017, authored by Lab Director Steven Ashby

We often hear how supercomputers are used to tackle incredibly complex problems. They have played an essential role in the design of automobiles and aircraft, including the Boeing 777 Dreamliner, the creation of new anti-cancer drugs and discoveries related to the origin of the universe. Read more...

Wendy Shaw

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory fueling a sustainable future
Published in the Tri-City Herald, June 2017, authored by Lab Director Steven Ashby

Imagine a future in which agricultural, animal and even human waste is used to produce fuels and high-value chemicals. Read more...

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PNNL Director Steven Ashby's Presentations

Event: Naturalization Ceremony, U.S. District Courthouse, 2016, November 15, Richland, WA

Title: Steve Ashby's remarks at Nov. 15, 2016 Naturalization Ceremony

Summary: As an invited speaker at a naturalization ceremony at the Federal Building in Richland, Wash., PNNL Lab Director Steve Ashby welcomed 18 new American citizens, telling them, "As Americans we have much to be thankful for. Among the things for which I am grateful is living in a nation that embraces diversity, that welcomes and respects cultures from around the world and that still serves as a beacon of freedom and opportunity."

Remarks from November 15, 2016 naturalization ceremony.

Steven Ashby

PNNL Director Steven Ashby's Presentation Archive


U.S.-China Open New Nuclear Security Training Facility in Beijing


PNNL Director Steven Ashby congratulates Ma Kai, China's Vice Premier, at the opening of the Nuclear Security Center of Excellence. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz is at right.

The first nuclear security training center in the Asian-Pacific region was recently dedicated by Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and dignitaries from the China Atomic Energy Authority. The facility will address the country's domestic nuclear security training requirements and provide a forum for bilateral and regional best-practice exchanges. It also offers a venue for demonstrating advanced technologies related to nuclear security.

PNNL Lab Director Steven Ashby was among those who commemorated the facility. Since 2010, PNNL staff have been preparing instructor capabilities and curriculum for the new training facility. They also will provide assistance to the Chinese in operating the facility during its first year. Check out the Seattle Times perspective as well as the Tri-City Herald article.

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